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Sex is a great gift to many and 99% of men love sex and one percent of those who don’t love it is only because they have never had a chance of experiencing it. There are also numerous benefits of sex that gives you all the reasons why it should be a common practice any time you have an opportunity to. Having said that, sex is not the only thing that can keep you energized and feeling far out of this world, there are other superb ways of enticing a client. This is one secret that Mumbai escorts have learnt and has become their strength in maintaining their clients.

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It is not always all about sex. There are other non-sexual things that you can do to keep your man entertained. There are those times when your man is too bored or too down to have a sexual arousal, but, doing one of the following things will leave him entertained and at peace in a way you never expected.

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Head massage by Expert Mumbai Escorts

It is that time of the month when everything load seems too heavy for you to even makes a step. There are all kinds of bills to settle, everyone is on your neck including your boss and you feel exhausted. This is the best time of receiving a smooth and romantic head rub from an expert.You may visit Wikipedia to know more about massage.

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Hire a Mumbai female escort and surrender yourself under their control and let them do all they can to make things different for you. A well done head rub will take approximately 20 minutes and you will sleep like a small kid feeling relaxed and happy. At this time you might not be strong enough to thrust through her but you would be calm enough to let her take the burden off your shoulders.

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A good back-crack

There is nothing that comes in hand than a well done back-crack. It works magic for you and will bring all the difference to that stressful and demanding day you had. If you are lucky enough to get perfect Mumbai escorts who knows how to give you a good back-crack, it will enough to make you forget all your pains and struggles and take you to another peaceful-imaginary world. The experience of a good back-crack is more powerful than a quickie at that particular time when you need someone to give you some special care and make you feel loved and appreciated. The best thing is that this works for both men and women.